Secret to Success: 1st Year in Business

1st Year in BusinessIt’s time to celebrate your 1st year in business. But not everyone feels like breaking open the bubbly. The 1st year in business often brings relief as well as regrets.

For those newbies who did it on their own, the lessons learned from trial and error can be satisfying. For others, more money going out than coming in, can result with some abandoning their new business altogether.

One of the best steps a new business startup can take is to find themselves a mentor. Web coach. Even a good book is better than guesswork.

New Business Rewards

A new business, especially a new home business on the Internet, offers some exciting rewards:

1. Freedom. There’s nothing quite like a sense of freedom. Freedom from the ties that a typical job has, such as start and stop work times, days and days off. Freedom from driving in traffic, wear and tear on the car, having to have a car, pay for its upkeep, buy gas. Then, of course, there’s clothes. No matter what job you have, there is usually some sort of dress code. Even casual attire costs.

2. Financial Independence. The best is yet to come when you are the driver of your own finances. You are not strangled by the typical paycheck. You are no longer beholding to a supervisor or manager for reviews that your raise or bonus depends on. In your 1st year in business for yourself, you finally realize that office politics now refers to how to decorate and where to put the dog bed. Yes, you earn as much money as you want.

3. Time. Your time is your own. No boss or company looking down on you for being late or leaving on time. You start work when you want to. You stop working when you want to. You work one day a week or every day. It’s your time.

These are the highlights of your first year in business, but for most, there are also low lights. Problems. Cash flow. Mystery.

Secret to Success the 1st Year in Business

It’s true that there are awesome rewards to starting a business on the Internet. At the end of your first year in business, problems such as what is really the ideal first step to getting started is now behind you. Most have spent some of their cash — hopefully to get going on the right path to victory. Some have lost a bundle learning what not to do.

The real lesson learned after one year is how gratifying it feels. You’ve done it. You actually started a money-making business. You didn’t fail. You didn’t give up. That’s the real secret to success.

If you’ve launched your first full-fledged website with a payment processing system, or a monetized blog, after 12 months you know a lot more than you did a year ago.

Maybe you’ve learned what kind of website has the best return. How fast you can earn money from a new website or blog. Have you figured out how words and images affect your income?

You’ve reached a huge milestone. Now, the question is: What is the one thing you must do to reach business goals in the 2nd year in business?

Visit DM-Creative for affordable creative services. What do you think is important for the second year in business?

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