Every home business wants to keep momentum going for the New Year. For those home business success stories who know the incredible impact of momentum, you know the tremendous outcome when a web writer or blogger is able to keep momentum going, don’t you?
For those who are not familiar with how to keep momentum going, first know that momentum is what moves progress forward. It empowers and drives success up the ladder of success even for the smallest home business of one.

Imagine starting with 10 and within a month, you welcome 100, 1000 or more visitors to your web page who drop by every day to read something you have to say?

I’m sure you agree that it was not easy. It was hard work to attract these web visitors, wasn’t it? The best part is that these visitors generally fit the parameters of your target market. They are the prime people who best suit your theme, topic and offers.

Now, the next challenge is to keep momentum going.

In other words, you’ve got ‘em… How do you keep ‘em? How do you keep momentum going by holding your visit’s attention? How do you keep your visitor from clicking away?

The good news is that it’s not difficult to keep momentum going.

Here’s what I mean — Stop thinking about your own website or blog for moment. Recall when you were a visitor doing research or landing on a page looking for something of interest to you.

A. How many pages that you’ve clicked on, do you actually read to the last sentence?

B. Be honest with yourself. How many do you quickly scan and then move away?

C. How many do you glance at and click away?

Here’s How to Keep Momentum Going

Top writers and marketers want to keep momentum going. They do not want click-aways. They rely on a two-step process.

1. Engage people
2. Achieve agreement.

Of course, there’s more…

In our 20 plus years of writing sales copy, publishing our own website pages and writing five blogs, as well as supporting those sites and blogs that belong to our clients, here are five ways to engage people and achieve agreement in order to keep momentum going to a favorable outcome for your business:

1. Deliver what you promised.
This is one of the biggest mistakes many web pages and bloggers fail to write about. When your reader came to your page, it was because they expected something. The first goal to keep momentum going is to deliver what you promised — either from a title or headline permalink that the reader most likely saw. What did you indirectly promise? What does your reader anticipate? It’s essential to deliver on your promise, page by page, post by post.

It disappointing that much of what I read online is self serving. Obviously so. I admit I may be expecting more than the average web surfer. But…

Tech-wise, people today are so far ahead of those who surfed the web even ten years ago. People today are smart, savvy people. They recognize a message that serves the writer’s agenda, rather than be helpful for the reader. That’s stops momentum.

2. Write to one person.
This is a tactic top pros shout, but not so many heed the advice. When you read copy that speaks to a plural audience, you can’t write personal copy. Warm and friendly copy. You end up writing to a generic public mass. This weakens your message, and in fact, turns off many readers. Online that means click-aways faster than a squirrel scampers.

3. Write in the second person.
This is one of the best sales tactics ever discovered. You want to write using the word “you.” Most writers know this, don’t they? The word is personal. By contrast, what you want to avoid is the word, “I and me and us.” You slow your reader and chase other readers away because your message sounds preachy. People don’t want to be preached to. Write about what “you” want and need.

4. Layout the page or post for eyeballs.
Most have heard this: People read from left to right. Position your most important sales element top left. Position your least important sales element bottom right on the page or post.

Now, that’s the right layout strategy for print media, such as newspapers and magazines, but keep in mind that online, publishers must be cognizant of search engine bots who first crawl the top left text. You do not want an ad there. You want you best keyword text in the face of bots. If you want to know what I mean, look at the source code of a published page. Skip over the “code” and see the text. What are the first 100 words? Those are important words on the page.

5. Always be closing.
Just about everyone knows that you want to include a call to action at the point or points where you want the reader to do something. Many writers and bloggers ignore this because they aren’t selling anything. But is this really true?

People are always selling. What are you selling when you write an article? Blog post? Web page text? Think about it.

One way to keep momentum going no matter what you’re writing about is with mini closes. All through your message, you want to be closing What this means is getting your reader in step with what you’re saying. A mini close is any string of text where you reader nods yes, giving mental agreement.

That’s it, and you don’t have to have a PHD or a sales wizard to keep momentum going on your website and blog, do you?

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