Best Ways for Home Business Startup to Advertise

AdvertisingThere are a few ways for home business startup to advertise their new business. Let’s start with online advertising and then mention a few ways to advertise offline.

Online, the main way to advertise is to get indexed in search engines and then work toward achieving a high page rank. It’s called organic marketing and it only takes time and effort.

The other way to get a high page ranking for your new home business is called paid advertising. Google’s paid advertising is called Adwords. With Adwords, you bid on keywords for the best position shown on the page for that keyword. You write a small amount of text for your ad, deposit money and activate your ad campaign. With Google, you can also advertising with banner ads. Google offers preformated images from which to choose, or you can upload your own banner ad image.

A couple of other ways for a new home business to get started advertising is by taking an ad out in a highly visible email newsletter that has a healthy number of subscribers interested in the same topic that your site is about.

An email campaign to a list of email recipients is another way to get the word out about your new home business site. You can purchase email mailing lists from a broker. Choose a list who have indicated a desire to receive information about the topic that your site covers, such as gardening, biking or pet products. There are thousands of email mailing lists and a good broker can help you choose the best mailing list for your email campaign.

Offline, a home business startup has several options, as well. Two options are print and broadcast.

With print, you can take an ad out in your local newspaper, or one of the regional newspapers. Magazines are another good option. For example, if your site is about food, you can find any number of foodie publications to advertise your new home business startup.

Radio and TV broadcast ads are an excellent option if budget permits. Try a Cable TV ad: These are generally affordable, especially after prime time during late hours. Most broadcast stations help you create your ad without any cost to you. But be sure to ask if there’s a fee. You can find a production company in your local market to help if you prefer.

One way to advertise locally is to post an ad sheet on the bulletin board of local grocery stores and restaurants if they offer it. Create a one-page, 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet with your ad at the top and your new home business URL and contact information sectioned off at the bottom of the sheet. Interested people can tear off a section and take home your contact information.

A magnetic ad placed on the sides of your van or car is another excellent way to advertise in the local marketplace. It’s a good and cost effective way to get the word out even if your business is totally online. The expense is a one-time out-of-pocket outlay, and it’s tax deductible as a business expense.

In fact, all your advertising costs are tax deductible, but consult your accountant to make sure about the rules in your State or location.

These ideas are a few of the best ways for a home business startup to advertise and get the word out.

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