How Do Content Changes Affect Search Engine Ranking

Content jumped keyword fendeWhat happens to page rank when you modify the content on the page? Search engines aren’t getting smarter: They are smarter. Google seems to be leading the parade to deliver the right content to their searchers.

Most have heard by now that Google focuses on keywords to help determine what the page is about. But now, content leaped the keyword fence and has become more important. Understandably so. Good content is essential to keep people engaged.

After all, when you and I use a search engine such as Google, we want to find the exact information on the page that we’re looking for.

We don’t want to look for baby blankets and end up on a page about horse blankets that has poor grammar, nonsensical phrasing from a spinner, and so many links in the content that we can’t focus on the read.

Why Update Content?

It’s time to up the quality of content or be lost in the search engine graveyard. To start, review what Google expects to see on a site page. One of the most telling of these guidelines is this: Does the content describe both sides of a story?

When you change your site content or up the quality of blog posts, typically you change it for a couple of reasons.

1. To freshen up the wording
2. To re-optimize for search engine ranking
3. To modify your products and services
4. To get rid of outdated offers
5. To repair and replace images and links

What Happens to Search Engine Ranking?

Whatever the reason, when a site’s page content changes, search robots notice and re-evaluate the value of the page. That affects the page ranking. It may not affect the ranking immediately, but page rank eventually updates. You want it to, because for the most part, it should update in your favor. But it could also downgrade.

Search engines bots are simply software that is programmed with code to perform various tasks, so writers must take care when updating their site content. Obviously, the bot is not human. But the software programmers who create the bots know that nothing stays the same forever. Sites change. Pages change. Content changes.

No changes means that a site becomes stagnant and this is not good. Who wants to read a site’s page that publishes outdated content from ten years ago.

What happens when you update your page title? What if you have a page title called “List of Best Dogs.” Search engines already reviewed the page and ranked it, but now you’ve changed the title. Even though you’ve “updated” the title, it’s considered a “new” page.

Your new page now says “How to Find the Best Dogs.” It’s slightly different, isn’t it? As far as search robots are concerned, the page is not the same. Even this small change makes a huge difference. So what happens?

Chances are high that your page will be reevaluated and may lose it’s current page ranking. Yes, the page’s ranking could go down. So why update your content?

If you don’t update, your ranking may never rise and may even go down. Outdated, stale content or content that is full of too many keywords, poor language or has links that are now not so acceptable — most likely is doomed anyway.

Does Search Engine Ranking Take a Dive?

Here’s the good news. Even though, you take a chance when you update the content on your existing site pages, most site page updates, especially those that keep up with and follow suggested guidelines enjoy a higher ranking that they previously enjoyed.

Google may take several days for old pages to be removed from the search engine’s database and for the new pages to be listed. But once indexed, the new listings will most likely be better and you will have a better rank.

Search engines are consistently trying to improve their content relevance. That’s what people want.

When you change your site content, be prepared for your page rank to change, as well. Hopefully, when you follow the suggested guidelines from search engines such as Google, your page rank skyrockets up to the top of the found listing.

You always want to do whatever you can to earn better a search engine ranking. Updating existing content is one way to make this happen. Just like in life, you have to be willing to get rid of the bad before you can welcome the good.

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