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If you’re in business, if you have a website, if you blog… you want to know a little something about graphic design production and graphic design production services. You also want design software or access to a free service to size your images without investing in design software. If you don’t do it yourself (DIY), here a few tips on outsourcing.

Graphics are top the list to satisfy this new trend for more visual images. It’s not just taking a picture with your cell phone. Graphics mean photographs as well as creative artwork and even clip art. It’s illustrations, drawings, digital reproduction.

Graphic designer

Graphic design production services that a graphic designer provides might be for a home business brochure, website, logo design, brand symbols and packaging… just about anything and everything that has to do with a visual look, rather than plain text and font formatting.

It’s easy for folks to click off photos with their cell phone and post it instantly to their Facebook page with an app.

Many, especially bloggers, snap images to post on their blog: These photos generally need resizing to a smaller resolution (down from 300 to 72 dpi) and to a size suitable for the web page (possibly 250px wide).

But just as many or maybe even more, rely on a graphic designer to produce graphic images for the web and print.

These images may start with… or include a photo image and morph to something spectacular enhanced with design elements such as a text block, fancy border or eye-catching element and drawings that utilize illustrations.

It is easy to take a pictures in our technology rich environment. That’s why most images that you and I see online are most likely published by an everyday home business website or blogger. You know what I mean. (Not major sites such as search engines, news and shopping sites.)

Professional graphic designers prepare high-quality, high resolution images suitable for print such as a company’s capability brochure, newspaper and magazine ads, signage, tri-fold brochure sales handout or mailer, grocery store case tag and promotional calendars (examples shown).

Professional graphic design production services also prepare images for the Web, email and PDFs.

Graphic designs

Whether you want a print-ready graphic such as an image that you want to be part of a brochure, which is typically sent to a commercial printer… or if you want to use the graphic on a blog or web page, there are certain things that you want to consider.

Here are the basics:

When you do it yourself, you want the right software to make your job easier. The design software that professional graphic design production services use are:

Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are the top three for graphic design applications. You can purchase a “suite” of products for the Mac or the PC.

If you don’t have these software applications or the budget to invest in them, you can use an online service. There are a couple of free “resize your image” sites:

Design Software Applications

To use an image, you probably want to know a few more things, such as what are you going to use the image for? What’s the final product? Is it a brochure or a website? Blog? Print ad? Banner?

Once you know the answers, next you want to consider layout, overall size of the finished format, complimentary colors and maybe even how to store the files you create.

You also want to concern yourself with: Resolution, color and size.

Graphic Design Image Resolution
Generally, for printed materials, graphic design production services apply high resolution designs for commercial printing, and low resolution designs, such as images for a PDF optimized for the web and email.

Image Color
Choose 300 dpi using CMYK. For the Web, you want to use 72 dpi using RGB, however some detailed images might need 96 dpi to display well. Start with the larger, high resolution version and save it. You can then make a duplicate of the file and change the resolution and size.

For the most part, you no longer need to be worried about “web safe colors” — but remember that the color you choose displays differently on different computer screens. Notice how top sites stick with primary colors.

Image Size
Never size up. Always size down. For the web, consider how long it’s going to take for your image to load in a visitor’s web browser.

Even though technologies have advanced, many still don’t have current computers and some don’t use fast Internet connections. Top marketers always style images to accommodate all their potential visitors, not just those with the up-to-date equipment and the more expensive fast web connections.

Outsourcing Graphic Design Production Services
If you decide to outsource graphic design services, you want to inquire about the level of skills; how long they’ve been providing graphic design services; and what applicable software applications that the designer uses.

Also, ask for three samples of the format you want, such as a tri-fold brochure.

Brochure design layout chart

Image Files
Before you outsource graphic design, ask about the final file. For example, if you want a 3-page PDF brochure, you want the final, completed, ready-to-use PDF file, as well as the original source files with fonts, images and the raw psd, ia, indd files. Get these assurances upfront.

Commercial Printing

Most commercial printing plants now have websites where you can easily order printing services. Take a look at their requirements. Most accept a high resolution PDF, but also most have different file size requirements. Be sure to check those sizes.

When you find one you like, you should be sure to tell your graphic designer that the finished file needs to fit the printer requirements. Give the designer the URL for the printer you plan to use.

Many designers offer print production services with a printer they prefer. Inquire if the designer you choose has such a relationship with a commercial printer. Most of the time, you can order the printing through the designer.

There shouldn’t be an additional cost to ask your professional graphic designer or the graphic design production services project manager to liaison with the printer, and you gain the expertise of the graphic designer who then works directly with the printer on your behalf.

Whether you have a home business website or a blog… you benefit from knowing about graphic design production and graphic design production services, design software, free image sizing sites, image files, outsourcing and online commercial printers.

I hope this has offered some information that you can use.

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