homebusinessWhatever the reason, there is an explosion of home business startups. People who never thought they would be a work at home person — have turned to this type of self employment.

One of the challenges is where to put home business offices. A nook, corner, spare bedroom, garage, basement… Many start their home business with a laptop on the kitchen table. Others opt to set up a spare bedroom. Some home business offices nest in a space in the corner of the master bedroom, family room or dining room. A few startups who have a basement turn the space into their home business office. There are some who elect a section of the garage. I could go on.

It really depends on the needs of the startup business and the available space where the startup conducts business.

Home Office Needs

Once you decide to start a business, you want to make several important decisions. One of which is what the business needs, at least in the beginning. Some needs may be to signup to be able to process credit cards either in-person or online. Speaking of online, most every business today needs an online presence. In this case, most know that the business needs a website and all the tools and utilities associated with being on the Internet.

As far as the home office needs, you want to consider software, such as accounting software, possibly some books and magazines for educational purposes, a separate phone line, a day planner and office furniture: a desk, chair, filing cabinet, desktop computer or laptop and peripherals such as a printer, fax machine, Internet connection, WiFi, business cards and of course, some really comfy loungewear with the slippers or flops to match.

Home Office Space

The actual space in the home that the business needs depends on the business. For instance, will you welcome business guests, prospects and clients to your home office. If so, the home business needs a nice space people can gather and feel comfortable. Perhaps seating and a conference or small meeting table. A door you can close for privacy. Good lighting.

However, if the business is completely online, then the business may need less space. I started on the kitchen table and moved to a corner in the kitchen where I faced the wall but was out of the way. It didn’t take long before I graduated to a spare bedroom with make-shift desk and really hard wood chair. Ouch!

One of the first office supplies we got was a good office desk and desk chair. At one point in my home business office journey, space was limited, so we got one of those armoires. It opened during the day and when we closed it in the evening, it looked like a piece of furniture that coordinated nicely with our home furnishings. The downside of this was the office chair. What do you do with an office arm chair that swivels and looks officey, not homey.

Well, that didn’t last long either. I am one of those people who like things to go where they belong. You know, I wouldn’t put a dresser in front of a door, nor would I place the armoire in front of a window. Okay… for a time, I did what I had to do, but I didn’t like doing it, if you know what I mean.

That led us to the spare bedroom. We set it up with a nice desk that had a hutch top where we stored books, files and some pictures to warm it up. Nice. We bought a trundle bed and when company came, it was easy to pull out the bottom and Voila!

Well, every stop we took on our journey, the needs of the business and the available space were important factors. The point here is that when we first started, space was at a premium. We had none. Yes, it was cramped and inconvenient. We strived and that’s the message I want you to come away with.

All it really takes to start a business is the desire to do it, and the drive to see it through. Whatever your home business office needs, and whatever the space is that you have available — these two challenges are secondary. You can make your home business a success. Make it happen. Believe it. Make it come true for you and your family.

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