How Does “Like” Affect the Work at Home Business

In our social circles, it feels good to know that people you meet like you, doesn’t it? But it is a lot more than a good feeling when it comes to business, especially for a home business startup. Here’s how it works…
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But first… Do you agree that most people won’t buy from a company they don’t like and that includes a work at home business person?

It’s easy to see this in action when you go shopping and a salesperson approaches you and then lingers close by as you browse the shelves of items. It becomes uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

Most shoppers head for the exit without making a purchase when they are not comfortable. You’ve been shopping, haven’t you? What do you do when you don’t like the sales person?

How do you feel when you call your local telephone or cable company customer service line and have to punch a series of choices on your telephone keypad to finally get to the 20-minute waiting line.

I don’t know about you, but it’s not a pleasant experience for me. But all can be saved if the customer service person who finally answers knows how to establish a rapport. I tend to like this person even after all my frustration going through the company’s waiting process. All is forgiven. The reverse happens, too.

It was over ten years ago when a sales woman offended me with her insensitive disregard for my feelings. We haven’t shopped in that store since — all due to one sales person. The store has not been able to win my business back. That’s how important “like” is. Has anything happened to you that made you stop shopping at a certain store?

Like is important, isn’t it? You want people to like you and your business, because when people like you, they respond favorably, and the bottom line for your work at home business fills up with numbers.

How Does “Like” Affect the Home Business?

Did you guess that it’s buyer behavior? Yes. The puzzle here is… how can a one-man work at home business person make people like YOU… and respond favorably when on YOUR site?

These are the fundamental questions that underlie all marketing and sales. You can’t really make people buy what they don’t want… or can you?

Marketing strategists have proven time and again that people want to buy… but want to be persuaded to buy.

Most of the time, the desire to take action drives human behavior, but that can quickly be overshadowed by what the relationship is, how it evolves.

== Here’s a good example: Just about everyone knows Amazon and believes that Amazon products provide value — mainly because they do. You can buy with confidence from Amazon, because Amazon is well liked and trusted.

So how does the work at home business person get people to like you and trust the business? What you do can be summarized in these few words:

1. Start with a positive attitude toward the other person
2. Synchronize actions, get in step with the prospect
3. Identify common topics of interest
4. Use the correct conversational tone
5. Emphasize the sensory preferences of the other person

Is There a Secret for the Work at Home Business?

“The secret to making people like you” for a work at home business is all about how you connect with your visitors, prospects, customers, followers, friends, colleagues, partners, suppliers and even total strangers who contact you with a question.

Let me qualify that. Because of the spammers and scammers who infiltrate our business website and blogs, it’s legitimate and sincere questions that I’m referring to. Don’t get me started on some of the off-the-wall questions and comments we’ve received. Some even obnoxious. A few downright crude.

Success in a work at home business depends on how effectively you communicate your ideas, provide tips on how your products and services benefit your prospective buyers, and how you explain why your offer is the deal of a lifetime.

The key [then] to making others like you quickly lies in establishing a rapport: you have to find out what you have in common (even if you seemingly have nothing in common). You want to purposely try to become like the other person for a short time. Mirror their likes and dislikes. Use the same wording.

Rapport Building Technique for the Work at Home Business

Adopt a positive attitude right away. Whether it’s text on a web page or blog post, email messages, a phone call or in person, make sure your words, tone and images all say one thing, “I like you!”

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