Most marketers and web writers know that there are two basic styles of writing on the Internet. One sells. One tells. They both have their place and purpose. But there are enormous differences. Elvis Says Stop Where You Are

1. Sell copywriting at one time was reserved for squeeze pages and landing pages. The purpose was to say, “STOP where you are. Don’t move an inch. You’re gonna get what you’re looking for!” Sell copy was reserved for top marketers who could afford to pay the steep fees for this writing skill. Most home business startups want this warm, inviting wording on every page of their website and printed materials, too. The reason is clear: This style of writing sells.

2. Informative copywriting is what most blogs and news sites write. The style is journalism. It tells.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with informative copy. Not at all. People on the Web are hungry for information. I myself follow tell copy strategies on this blog. But when you want to sell… that’s a different story.

When you want your work at home business to benefit from sales income, you want sell copywriting. Who can afford to write plain information words on a website intended to sell something — and make the home business money? Sell copywriting means higher sales conversions. Unfortunately, most home business websites publish informative web page messages. The ones who earn mega money embrace sell copywriting with both hands.

If you are like most successful home businesses, you want your site filled with the best-kept copy secrets that have topped the charts — reaching the upper financial limits of massive cash flow! You want wealth building in a breathtaking short time… and with a confident level of predictability for your work at home business startup site. Am I right?

When a Home Business Wants to Sell Something

Many years ago we coined the phrase “sell copywriting” and it stuck. Here’s what it means to write sell copy.

Sell copywriting is a mesh of direct marketing, response copy writing and web writing. When you strip away all of the graphics, logos, design elements and images from a website or print media, you are left with pure sales copy.

“Sell copywriting” means words with persuasion, proof and details that favorably impact the buyer and YOUR bottom line. It’s called sales conversion, and it’s the key to increased sales earnings!

Sell copywriting is plain and simple. Your visitor may not have specific knowledge about your type of product or service. You want words that are at grade school level. Simple words that explain things. You want your explanations and descriptions to make your visitor feel as if you are speaking directly into the heart and mind of just one person: The person reading your copy at that moment.

Pretty much any writer with a good grasp of the language can write good tell copy. Sell copywriting is a whole other way of wording messages. You want sell copywriting on your web pages when you want to motivate a certain action from web traffic visitors.

What Not to Do

1. You do not want to tout how great your product is.

2. You do not just put the facts out there and hope your prospective buyers figure out the benefits.

3. You do not want to make your visitor work too hard to find what they are looking for.

What You Want to Do

A. You do want to let your buyer know how it feels to own your product and services, because THAT type of wording connects with what the buyer wants, and sells more for you.

B. You do want to speak to visitors as if they know nothing about your products and services. It is important to realize that while you are fully aware and knowledgeable about your products and services, your visitors may not be.

Sell Copywriting is This Powerful

Here’s how powerful sell copywriting is. When the copy on your web page is persuasive, your visitor often overlooks a poor web design. But even the best web design won’t make up for weak copy writing. After all, it’s your copy that sells… or unsells. That’s how powerful sell copywriting is.

Sell copywriting sweetens up your information. Words on your web page tell YOUR story in a way that your visitors relate to. One paragraph about how it feels after they CLICK HERE is all you need to raise your standard web page copy to responsive sales copywriting that fills your pockets with green.

Just consider: If one paragraph of sell copy moves your visitor closer to clicking the link you put on the page… IMAGINE what 2 paragraphs of sell copywriting does for your response numbers?

It’s especially important for work at home business startups to use sell copywriting, because while competitors moan about response and sales conversion, you have the advantage.

What you really want is an entire website — every page — composed with engaging sell copywriting using sell copy strategies, because you already know that persuasion invites action. Put sell copy on your website, brochure or handout and email campaigns today.

Sell copywriting is an advanced style of writing that persuades and creates an irresistible urge to buy. Sell copywriting turns tell copy into words that make money for the home business startup. Anyone can learn how to write sell copy. Subscribe to Home Business news to learn more about sell copywriting.

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