How to Attract VisitorsThere are many ways to attract visitors to your website, and you can use these same methods to learn how to attract visitors to your blog. There are two methods referred to as organic traffic and paid traffic.

Organic traffic is widely known as free traffic. Free traffic refers to reaction of a click that takes a visitor to your site, and that click is free. It costs you nothing.

It does not take a financial investment and can result in 100s of visitors. This method involves the choices you make to persuade people to visit your site. It generally starts with search engine optimization combined with search engine marketing.

Paid traffic is not free. It refers to the money you pay when someone clicks a paid-ad link to get people to visit your site. Typically, this refers to paid advertising where you pay a bid price every time a visitor clicks a link and lands on your site.

Clearly, one takes time and effort on your part, and the other takes money – although some of each is needed for success. If you have a big marketing budget, you want to learn the steps and strategies to paid advertising… or perhaps outsource your Internet marketing services. If you are on a limited budget, you want to learn the basics, and do it yourself.

How to Prepare to Attract Visitors to Your Home Business Website or Blog

1. Insure at least your home page is search engine optimized.
Preferably, you want to SEO a minimum of 4 of your most important information web pages, and at best, all of your web pages. For a website, how to attract visitors is to make sure at least your home page is keyword optimized.

How to attract visitors to a blog is more tricky because generally, there is no home page. Blog posts change. A blogger can feature a post and turn it into a home page or optimize one or more individual blog pages for inbound links and keywords.

2. Create an opt-in page.
This is essential. Create a web page with an opt-in form so visitors can opt-in to your contact list. Then, put a link to that opt-in page where your opt-in form is located on every page of your site.

For a blog, many invite subscribers to join their mailing list by placing information in a sidebar. This way, the opt-in form or link displays on the side of every post. Another strategy is called the two-step. This is where you place teaser text in the side bar and link it to a page on your blog that has more room to explain, describe and motivate signups.

3. Create an email landing page.
This is a special page that may or may not be part of your navigation scheme. It’s a page that you use for your email marketing. The purpose is generally to gain a certain response.

For example: opt-in to a mailing list or request something you’ve made available (like a downloadable PDF brochure).

For best results with your Internet marketing campaigns, you want to publish sell copy as well as information copy on your web pages. But that’s not all…

1. Use motivating headlines and subheads.
2. Write copy that is benefit oriented.
3. Use the word, you or your, in your copy.

Create a story so that your visitor imagines what it is like after he owns your products.

You can engage the copywriting services of a pro or learn how to write motivating copy from an ebook on how to attract visitors.

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