How to Improve Landing Pages

Landing pagesHere are 3 ways to improve landing pages. But first, understand what a landing page is. Many people mistakenly think that the landing page is their home page. In fact, it could be, but shouldn’t be.

The reason is that landing pages have a distinct purpose, and it’s not the same purpose that’s assigned to the home page.

The home page of a website or blog is similar to a summary of the site. That’s why it’s official name is the index page for the entire site directory.

The home page is where most visitors land when first coming to a site. Its job is to instantly communicate what the site is about. It gives a visitor a glimpse of what information and details are waiting for them when they click around the site. The home page usually has one strong call to action inviting the visitor to start here, but without using those words. On any site, there is only one home page.

On the other hand, the landing page is not a summary. It’s job is not to summarize or list the features and benefits of the site. In fact, there can be more than one landing page on any given site.

The landing page is a sales page. In fact, it is “the” sales page. That’s its job. It’s as if the page was a big round target with a bullseye in the middle. Prospects for your sales page are the arrow that you want to attract to your sales page, but that’s only step one.

Using the target and arrow as an example, most better understand that land pages are lead-generation or lead-capture sales pages.

Another way to know the purpose of landing pages is to realize that underneath the content, the landing page is an super advertisement with a catch. It’s a mousetrap waiting to snap up response to whatever the offer is.

When you realize that a landing page is a sales page, it’s easier to understand it’s purpose. Once a marketer, such as a home business startup, knows what a landing page is, and what it’s designed to accomplish, then it’s easier to improve landing pages.

1. The first step in the process of developing a land page is to decide where the visitor is going to come from. For example, if you run an Adwords campaign, landing page A could be where the visitor lands after clicking the ad link.

Other starting points could be an email campaign or even offline newspaper advertising.

It’s important to know where the visitor originates so you can have the correct information waiting on the page.

For example, your Adwords campaign might promise a discount, whereas an email campaign might be promoting an ebook. You want the visitor to instantly know they are on the right page.

The first way to improve your landing page is to make the content match the offer. Some newbies load the page with everything under the sun that their site offers. That’s confusing and dilutes the opportunity for a sales conversion. In other words, too many options generally result in no action. It’s overwhelming and the visitor clicks away.

2. Once you’ve got visitors coming to your landing page, you want to present your offers in a way that leads them to take action. That is, take the action you want them to take.

There are many strategies that help lead the prospect through the sales process. One strategy that many new home business startups overlook is the mini-close. You want to begin getting agreement as quickly as possible. You can improve landing pages by placing several mini-closes from the top of the text to the final closing sequence.

3. Finally, one of the best tips to improve landing pages is the call to action. This is where top marketers put their best foot forward. It’s the last chance to convert visitors from browsers to buyers — even if you want them to buy-in downloading a free ebook or to subscribe to your newsletter. It’s a sale. Not every call to action has an immediate financial outcome. That may come later… in the sales sequence.

That’s the tip. For some sales, it’s wiser to gently lead the visitor to take some action. Newbies try to cram the buy now, download now, get this or that — in the face of visitors. That may work, but it’s more likely that the conversion rate is low compared to what could be accomplished. Top marketers follow proven marketing strategies and in doing so earn a high percentage of sales conversions.

Offer one thing. Lead the visitor through the landing page content with agreement. Close the sale with a strong call to action. Analyze your click-through rates and conversion rates to determine if the landing page content does its job. Make modifications until the rates meet your objectives.

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