The key to making your email viral is the information you provide in your message. If you are interested in cost-effective email marketing strategies, then you are going to want to read this post.
maket your email viral

Specifically, I discuss leveraging email to drive sales using what I call “friendly” email marketing strategies. I also cover how to build a rabid list of buyers, followers and fans… and what makes an email message go viral. When you discover how to make your email viral, you are able to promote your website, blog and product offerings and multiply sales, 10, 20, 30 percent or more.

Can leveraging email drive sales? Most agree that a mammoth amount of people are online today and successful marketers want to reach these buyers. The question is how.

There are hundreds of marketing methods, and there are basically two objectives: Attract web traffic to your website and blog landing pages, and then induce these visitors to take action, which is also known as the process of sales conversion.

Using email is the most widely used and accepted form of communication. Friends use email. Customers use email. Buyers use email. Because of its universal appeal and ease of use, it makes sense that successful marketers leverage email messages to attract web traffic and drive sales. That being the case, the next question again is how.

It’s a big one. How can you build a rabid list of people who eagerly await your next email message. Yes! It’s called permission marketing. You can see it in use on websites who invite visitors to join their newsletter mailing list. There’s usually a few words and two fields to enter your name and email address. It’s a small, but powerful opt-in form. There’s good news about this coming.

Today, savvy home business marketers, web owners and bloggers use a double-opt-in system to protect the mailing list from spammers. What this means is that after you enter your name and email address, you receive an email in your inbox. Some might use a checkbox that verifies “you are not a spammer.” Quaint, but effective. A subscriber must check the box or click the link in that email to verify that you indeed do own the email address you entered in the opt-in form. Now, that goes one step further and this process is called the “verify” method. For purposes of this post, I all it the “double-opt-in.”

The key to building a double-opt-in mailing list is the invitation to join. Unfortunately, the great majority of information seekers today want more than an inbox full of newsletters. Most prefer email on a topic they are interested in, addresses their problems and offers solutions.

Since home business marketers today try to woo people to join their mailing list, they offer incentives. The problem is many subscribers opt-in simply to get the free gift. The web owner does not have a real prospect. Some are even suspicious of the “free gift” and refuse to opt-in even if they would like to.

The real question is how to build an opt-in list of valued prospects, not just subscribers. What you want are people who are genuinely interested in receiving information and problem-solving information. Once you build this list, all you need to do is create email messages that solve problems, deliver the promised information and do not constantly try to sell something. That supportive style of email message makes it go viral.

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