Here’s how to start a work at home business, be self employed and get rid of worries about (1) bill paying, (2) looking for a job, and (3) solving income problems. The first thing to do is what every parent tells their child.

Start a Home BusinessHave you been waiting for the right time to start a home business? Now is the perfect time to start a home business on the Internet. It’s a great way to work at home in comfort, be your own boss, make money and have plenty of free time to do what you want each day.

My name is Alexandria, and I help newcomers who want to know how to start a home business online, be self-employed and make money. I know there are hundreds maybe even thousands of people who want to live the dream of a work at home business, but put it off because they don’t know where to begin. Here’s some sound advice.

You want to do what the ones who are already living their dream do.

Imagine that you start a business and it is turns out to be as easy to do as scooping ice cream on a hot summer day. Yes, it’s easy to start a business on the Internet and make your dreams come true!

For most, it’s more than the money. It’s satisfying, especially when your home business keeps providing an income month after month. Yes… from start to launch… to watching your bank account increase ten fold, if you’re serious about starting a home business, you want to find a product to sell, get the right domain, attract buyers to your new website and bank your sales earnings.

Hold on… don’t call a web designer just yet. There’s a few things to do first.

The economy today is brutal and many people from all walks of life, all ages and lifestyles, eventually think about starting a home business online, because it is fairly easy to get into, and you don’t need any particular expertise. You can devote your entire day to your home business or just a few hours one or two days a week. It’s very attractive and a lucrative proposition… with income amounting to a few hundred dollars to $5K or even $100K. That’s why statistics show billions of web pages online.

You’ve probably read the reports claiming that a pretty good percentage of businesses fail in the first two years. But in reality — these stats refer to a new offline business. The success rates for an online business are much better. In fact, a whole lot better. But that’s not the only difference.

Initial investment for an online business is low compared to an offline business. And the rewards come faster and in pretty nice numbers with less effort. Not to mislead you, there is a lot of work involved when starting an online business as there is with any money-making venture.

In our experience, the biggest hurdle for a new home business is being blinded by the initial excitement. New webpreneurs get the idea to start a business, point to Google, find a web designer and start spending… without knowing the whole picture. Many fail because they didn’t see the whole picture. They didn’t do their homework. The sunshine of excitement blinded them.

The ones who successfully earn a living with their home business are the ones who stop, look and listen. These winners are — probably people a lot like you. You visit other sites similar to the one you want to launch. You read the how-to home business blogs. Subscribe to how-to newsletters. Learn before you leap. You make a list of what you need along with a budget. Then, and only then, do you get in the home business success car and begin your journey.

Starting a business online is like a road map to Disneyland where good times await. But like any road trip, it’s not free, shortcuts can be costly, and there are plenty of potholes to avoid. Be sure you know what they are before you start a work at home business.

Believe in yourself, your determination and your abilities. Make it happen… because you can.

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