7 Steps on How to Write Successful Sales Letters

Successful sales lettersOne of the best marketing tools is the lead-generating sales letter. It’s not the only type of sales letter, but it is powerful.

Lead-generation is important online and offline. A well written, organized, sales letter can return pre-qualified prospects who are ready to buy given the right incentive. That’s how powerful a successful sales letter is.

Prospects are people who fit into your target customer’s demographics. This is the person who has a high probability to want and need what you have to say, what you offer and what you can deliver. A pre-qualified prospect goes a step further. A pre-qualified prospect usually fits the profile, but may not.

The unique advantage of identifying pre-qualified prospects is that these folks are interested in what you have to say or what you offer. It’s a huge leap from an ocean of people who you can connect with — to a pool of people who may be ready and waiting for you to convince them to buy or buy-in. It’s as close as close gets to jumping over the fence from non-owner to proud new owner of whatever you’re selling.

Here are the 7 steps on how to write successful sales letters:

#1: Make a Promise
Make a promise. A great headline is your best opportunity to capture your prospect’s attention even in a sales letter. Use your headline to immediately tell your prospective customer the benefit that the letter is about.

#2: Expand on It
Next, say a bit more. Write a couple of sentences to explain your promise. Don’t go overboard. Just write one or two sentences more. That’s enough. Remember, it’s supposed to be a one-page letter.

#3: Say Exactly What the Offer Is
Now, state one big benefit. Benefit? It tells your customer what they receive from your product. You don’t have to reveal every possible benefit. Choose one benefit that gives you the edge over your competition. Use empathy. Yes, everyone knows to write as if you were in your prospect’s shoes. It’s essential.

#4: Prove It
Add some proof. Don’t write the bible. Nothing adds more credibility to your sales letters than proof — and testimonials top the list of best proof. A testimonial is the equivalent of a trusted friend or respected expert’s recommendation of your product. An existing owner of your product or service who explains their good experience is excellent proof.

#5: What’s at Stake
This is one many miss. Tell your reader what they might miss out on if they don’t act now. You don’t have to write the typical, “Don’t miss this opportunity.” A limited offer with a cut-off date works. It says in a subtle way, “Act now or time goes by and you can’t have [what your offer is].”

#6: Repeat the Promise
Repeat your promise, but keep it brief. Use this spot in your letter to remind the reader what you promised.

#7: Call to Action
Remember the goal of your letter. Determine what immediate action you want the prospect to take and be sure to specifically tell them to do it now. Do you want the reader to call? Mail something? Go to your website?

These 7 steps on how to write successful sales letters work to return increased response and recall. They are easy to follow, and they can produce numerous sales by pre-qualifying those people who show interest in your products and services.

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