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Link popularityYou want to add a link building program to your home business website to improve your page ranking (PR). Link popularity has three major benefits for your business.

First, quality links increase your search engine ranking; second, relevant links enhance your visibility and web attract traffic to your home business site; and third, appropriate link exchanges reduce your dependence on search engines:

There are three types of linking that influence the success of your home business website:

1. Inbound links
2. Outbound links
3. Reciprocal links

1. Inbound links refer to live links another website has on their web page that points back to your website. Inbound links are important as search engines include the number of inbound links and the quality of inbound links in ranking calculations to factor in placement in the found list. It’s best if all inbound links are related to the subject matter or theme of your website.

2. Outbound links are easier to control. Outbound links are live links you place on your home business web pages that point to another website. Outbound links are important to your website’s overall value to web visitors in three ways:

a. links out to related sites help your home business site become part of a global network
b. outbound links add value to your site by providing additional resources for visitors
c. these recommended links build traffic relationships with other sites

Keep in mind that the outbound links that you place on your web pages should contribute to the value of your home business site by having a topic or subject that your particular visitors will be interested in. Your visitors are going to leave your site at some point. You are better off giving them links to click on rather than sending them back to search engine listings.

3. Reciprocal links are links that you exchange with other websites. You put a link to a site on your web page; and that site owner puts a link to your site on his web page. Reciprocal link exchanges are win win as long as both sites have related content. This doesn’t mean competing services or duplicate products. For example, a cook needs more than a stove. So if you sell stoves on your home business site, related items might be knives, pans, aprons.

I’ve heard clients say that they don’t want distracting links on their site. They only want their own data. This is okay. No problem. Just don’t expect any help with your search engine ranking placement.

The primary object of link building program is to demonstrate that your site has value. So much value that other sites are willing to link to it. And you have confidence that no one feels negatively about your site, so you comfortably and with confidence link to other related sites.

A link building program gives your home business site visitors a feeling that you belong to an important community. This builds trust in your company and your offers.

Link popularity, that is the number and quality of sites involved in your linking structure, is a determiner in search engine ranking and your web page page ranking (PR). It makes sense. Search engines conclude that if your site has many inbound and outbound links, that your site popularity is high. It must have substance. It gives your site the proper ranking calculation, which is very important in judging your final search engine ranking.

This may all seems complicated and probably more than you wanted to know, but it does serve to illustrate the importance of a link building program for PR so you so your home business can reap the benefits.

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