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Make Money with AdwordsStartups come to the Internet to make money, but money is as illusive online as it is offline. It didn’t used to be that way. When we opened our online business, it was more of a trial-and-error mystery. The road to the jackpot was pretty much a straight line but with that unknown factor. It was like driving down a road covered over with a dense fog.

Today, the fog still hovers but the road is no long a straight line. It’s more like an octopus waving and flailing about in murky water.

Luckily, there are those who have gone before. These fortunate few can point the way for those who care to follow. Most all have golden advice to share. But the one mystery every new business wants to know is how to make money. That’s the topic for this post. Just how can a startup make grand theft money right out of the gate? In a word: Adwords.

Where’s My Money

Before any site can make money, that site must attract visitors. That’s key. It’s the number one goal. No matter how great your site is and no matter how irresistible your offers are — the one thing you need first is real live humans to land, browse, read, click and send you money. Every site must have a ton of visitors! That’s the ultimate goal.

As a visitor yourself, you’ve probably noticed that 99% of sites have a section identified as Google Ads. A Google ad is one you would create to attract visitors to your site. It’s a simple concept. Every newspaper in the world displays ads. Adwords is just online rather than printed on newsprint. Adwords is the ad buying counter at the newspaper publisher’s office. Advertisers advertise. Newspapers publish. Readers act. Visit. Ignore.

No Purchase Required

Google is a savvy little bugger. It has the flip side, too, called Adsense. It’s like the circulation office at the newspaper publisher’s office. Adsense allows you and I to make a bit of profit from those Adwords ads.

All a site owner does is allow and allot space for Google’s ads. In return, Google pays the site a bit o’ money for the privilege of displaying relevant ads to the site’s visitors. That’s how Google circulates the ads all over the Internet.

A very nice incentive indeed. It’s an affiliate program at its best: Cream of the crop. I say this because most affiliate programs don’t pay unless the click ends with a purchase transaction.

In other words, for most commission-based programs, your visitors could click a thousand times, never buy what’s at the end of the click, and you never make a penny.

With Adsense, you make money with every single click. No purchase required. It’s quite a sweet proposition really. For those same thousand clicks, you might earn something like $1000, $3000 or even $10,000. You publish the ad. You make money. That’s Google’s Adsense.

How Much Do You Pay

Adwords is you placing the ad. When you wear the advertiser hat — rather than the publisher hat — you pay. Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

Adwords is basically an auction site. Keywords are up for bid. Now, you can pretty much bid and buy any keyword. The winning bid price depends on location. What does location mean? Here we are again at those unyielding two words: page rank.

In organic marketing, you search engine optimize your pages, become a slave to master the absolute definition of quality content. You jump through a few more hoops to earn your site a decent placement in the search engine results page (SERP).

Believe me, if you have a new site, you’ll be out of breath dancing the page-rank dance long before the clock strikes midnight. Organic marketing is the best way to achieve page rank, but it takes time.

That’s why new sites often use Adwords to lasso themselves some visitors — at least for the first year.

Where Oh Where Has It Gone

Yes, location has a price. Just like organic marketing, you want your site link and description to be on the first SERP. High up, close to position 1, 2 or 3.

Buying yourself an ad in any one of these three spots can drive hundreds of visitors to your site. It makes no difference whatsoever that your site is new. You could get 10,000 visitors the day after you launch with Adwords. That’s a fact.

Why Isn’t Everyone Buying Clicks

Keep in mind that those 10,000 visitors at a bid fee of even $.05 cents just cost you $500. If your advert landing page isn’t ready, I mean, highly sales-a-fied, a good percentage of those visitors clicked and clicked away without making a purchase from you.

Money Down the Drain

So, from this lesson, we learn that bidding and writing persuasive Adwords ads is only part of the “pay to attract visitors” equation.

It’s clearly not easy to make money even when you have money to throw at the problem. Watch for the next post for more on this.

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