One Time Offer Adds Money to Your Pocket

One time offerThe one time offer better known as OTO is one of the powerful strategies. The one time offer is a form of selling, but it’s better defined as a way to make an offer. Making an offer to web visitors is a bit different than direct selling.

The one time offer is an offer you present to your buyer after the buyer has opted to buy something you’re selling. Here’s a quick example: You have a great ebook to sell. You wrote it and own it. A buyer comes along and clicks the order now button.

1. Typically, the buyer lands in your shopping cart or on Paypal. He pays $10 and is redirected to the download page. That’s it. You have a sale. One sale.

2. What if your buy clicked the buy now button, and landed on a one-time-offer page. It says something like “Wait, before you finish your purchase of A you might also be interested in B typically $10, but because you’re buying A, you can order B for this one-time discounted price of $5.

At this point, the buyer has two choices:
a) she can click the “no thanks” button and land on the payment page; or
b) she can click the “yes, I’d like B, too” button. Now, the buyer is redirected to your shopping cart or Paypal page where the buy price includes the second ebook. Now, you have two sales. You upped your sales income by 50%.

You actually could create two one-time-offers without stressing out your buyer. You can offer item B and item C. You can also create two special offers. For example, if the buyer says “no thanks” to your initial OTO for B, you could then offer B for even less.

The key to making OTO is to make them relate to the original offer. For example, if you’reĀ  offering an ebook on how to potty train a new puppy, your OTO should be on something like “teaching puppy tricks” or “how to take care of a new puppy.” Your OTO should not be about cats, coffee or how to make bread.

Another trick to successfully using OTOs is the pricing. When you start with $10 for your main ebook sales price, you do not want to make an OTO for a higher price. If your buyer was willing to pay the X dollar amount, this means you landed in his comfort zone. You could blow the whole deal by then making an offer that is most likely outside his comfort zone. Remember, that you haven’t yet got any money in your pocket.

Having your OTO relate to the first offer item and insuring that you stay in the price comfort zone of your buyer for additional offers are essential.

The final key to OTO success is your freebies. You want to instill an irresistible essence in the first place with perhaps one or two or three free items that go along with the first ebook. You do this to provide an incentive to “buy now.”

But when you do offer freebies, you must be sure that your OTO offers are clearly more valuable. In order words, your freebies must add an element of persuasion, but your OTO items must add more value for the buyer.

There’s a lot you can do to up the sales price by making one time offers — rather than sell items one at a time.

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