Is Online Advertising Better than Print Media

Post card print media vs online advertisingThese days online advertising is all over the Internet. Reading and writing on and for the Internet is all the rage. Using electronics, such as computer laptops, cell phones, Kindle and iPad to gather information, connect with others using social media, and promote a business using websites and emails is normal behavior.

Still, print marketing has not lost its charm. This is because that some things in print advertising cannot be done over the internet. Such as, the touch and feel of postcards, flyers and catalogs. Touch, taste and smell cannot yet be created on the internet. Touching the screen or keypad isn’t what I mean. I’m referring to touching the product like a bar of soap.

The Internet is a crowded marketplace. Online advertisements are often ignored. It gets difficult to stress key benefits on one small text ad or banner advertisement like you can when reading a full-page newspaper ad, or a flyer, even a postcard.

Marketers use many ways to communicate with the public. Advertising is the choice to promote a business, product or service.

Print media is perhaps the oldest form of advertising. It is still the most popular one. You can read a flyer that you find in your mailbox again and again. In comparison, what you read on the internet may be forgotten in an instant as you click from one site to another. Print media offers a variety of types. For example:

Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Post Cards
Newspapers and Newsletters
Magazines and Catalogs

People like to read printed material. It’s comforting to hold something in your hand, stuff it in your pocket, take it with you, save it, pick it up, read it again. You can smell the ink. Sometimes, an advertiser embeds a scent for perfume or men’s cologne.

Laptops and tablets can certainly display advertisements. But for most, it’s just not the same, is it? Also, some people find it inconvenient to use electronics in certain places. Whereas printed material like newspapers, magazines and brochures are welcome nearly everywhere and more practical, too. With print media, especially newspapers, a marketer can reach many people in a targeted area much easier than with an online banner ad, for example.

Print Media and Online Media

There’s no doubt that online media can generate profits and opportunities. Online advertising is a good choice, because a high percentage of people have access to the internet. A business that wants to promote its business on the internet can do so in any number of ways. The beauty of online advertising is that even if you do not get clicks, the visibility alone offers a level of web promotion. That’s why online marketing is used by most major advertisers.

Print media is still the traditional workhorse for offline paid advertising. For those who like to wake up in the morning, sip coffee and read the morning news, printed newspapers fit the bill.

It’s probably true that online coverage is massive compared to printed newspapers. It’s a good reason that explains why you can now read most newspapers and magazines online. Many blogs now cover the news as well as offer a huge variety of information. But, not everyone wants to sit staring at a tiny computer screen on a cell phone, or hold a electronic tablet in their lap.

Without a printed newspaper in their hand, many feel something is missing when they sit down to enjoy their morning muffin. The world is changing. Who knows if this will hold true tomorrow.

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