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Examples of banner adsBanners are great for use as advertising tools and were especially popular back when. Banner ads do two things for the home business startup.

First, banner ads boost the visibility; make a home business startup recognizable as a name brand so to speak.

Second, banner ads drive traffic to a new site.

For example, banner ads are shown and seen around the Internet on various sites. This is good visibility. It improves brand recognition, and because people continue to see them on related sites [as long as the banner runs], there is a passive benefit even if never clicked. Yes, that’s what I said.

If you buy a banner ad on Google Adwords, and no one ever clicks the banner, you never pay a cent. But… your banner ads are displayed on related websites and for zero money, your banner ad content displays. Sooner or later, people start to recognize your brand just by the creative on your banner. At this point, clicks turn into potential sales. Banner ads today are more for pure public relations to heighten awareness rather than earn clicks.

Don’t get me wrong. On the right website, banner ads are quite capable of drawing a horde of web traffic, but that’s it. Once the visitor is on your site’s landing page, it’s not the fault of the banner ad if nothing productive happens: That’s the job of the landing page.

It’s true, people became numb to banner ads. Most banners do get noticed if displayed enough times. For those banner ads that promise a solution, you are rewarded with clicks and the resulting web traffic.

Beware. People are miles more savvy than they were a decade ago. Your landing page better be juicy and totally reader oriented. People can spot a self-serving landing page in an instant. But that’s a topic for another day.

== If you are low on funds and desperate to attract targeted traffic, I recommend that you don’t invest your money in banner ads — at least initially when the work at home business is first launched.

Standards for Banner Ads

For those diehard advertisers who want to create banner ads for advertising purposes because some savvy ad person has talked you into it, here are some standards published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The IAB Ad Unit Guidelines are intended for marketers, graphic designers and media companies for use in the creating, planning, buying and selling of interactive marketing and online advertising.

The IAB’s Ad Sizes Working Group meets on a bi-annual basis to review proposed new ad units and issue updated voluntary guidelines as appropriate. This way we are all adhering to the same sizes and standards. Nice.

It’s like looking down a neighbor street and seeing driveways reaching from the garage to the curb in all the same size. Imagine how that lovely tree-lined street would look if the width and depth of the driveways were skewed all over the spectrum. Yikes! Not a pretty sight.

Here is what the IAB recommends for banner ads

All dimensions are in pixels. In each row, you first see the Recommended Maximum Initial Unit (IMU) Download File Size (in pixels) for static banners. The numbers that follow are the Recommended Length of Time in “Seconds” for Animated Gif and Flash ad banners.

Compliance enables advertisers the ability to reach the majority of that publisher’s audience using these units.

* 300 x 250 IMU – (Medium Rectangle) 40k :30
250 x 250 IMU – (Square Pop-Up) 40k :30
240 x 400 IMU – (Vertical Rectangle) 40k :30
336 x 280 IMU – (Large Rectangle) 40k :30
* 180 x 150 IMU – (Rectangle) 40k :30
300×100 IMU – (3:1 Rectangle) 40k :30
720×300 IMU – (Pop-Under) 40k :30

Banners and Buttons
468 x 60 IMU – (Full Banner) 40k :30
234 x 60 IMU – (Half Banner) 30k :30
88 x 31 IMU – (Micro Bar) 10k :30
120 x 90 IMU – (Button 1) 20k :30
120 x 60 IMU – (Button 2) 20k :30
120 x 240 IMU – (Vertical Banner) 30k :30
125 x 125 IMU – (Square Button) 30k :30
* 728 x 90 IMU – (Leaderboard) 40k :30

* 160 x 600 IMU – (Wide Skyscraper) 40k :30
120 x 600 IMU – (Skyscraper) 40k :30
300 x 600 IMU – (Half Page Ad 40k :30

* Most popular with the time set to :15 seconds

There are also IAB Standards for Digital Videos, Pop-Ups and Rich Media as well as banner ads.

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