news-paid-contentTide turning toward paid content good news for home business! For the most part, in the past few years, sites have offered free newsletters to subscribers. Only a few of the top sites were strong enough to entice subscribers to accept their paid content.

Times are changing. There’s a trend toward paid newsletters. As with life, everything comes full circle if you wait long enough. This is the case for paid content on the Internet.

Here’s why publishing a newsletter with a for-payment subscription model is one of the hot emerging trends.

In the beginning, paid newsletters were it. They were the kings and queens of the newsletter medium. Software evolved and newsletter publication slowly became available to small business. As technology advanced, even a one-man home business office was able to either download and install newsletter software or subscribe to a publication service.

Early services for newsletter publication are the leaders today: Constant Contact and Aweber. Now, of course, there are other such as MailChimp.

Free newsletter publication became so available and widespread that no one would pay for a subscription. Of those who did, they more than not, discovered a tidy bit of worthless news articles, a lot that were just regurgitated from what could be found on the Web.

The hundreds and thousands of amateur publishers and editors basically diluted the value of an email newsletter. People quickly got disenchanted with the whole bother of weeding through their inbox for what they concluded was nothing of value.

Blogs exploded posting much of the same information as free newsletters… and confirmed the devaluation of the free newsletter. These two factors made spending time reading a free newsletter even less attractive. It disintegrated the whole idea of subscribing to a free newsletter.

Companies now offer a free newsletter subscription to support their products and services. It’s sort of a combination support and promotional type newsletter that provides how-to-use and troubleshooting solutions for the products that people buy from them.

These buyers who subscribe to the company’s free newsletter also receive offers for after-market products and services from the company and the company’s partners. This is more of a sales support type of free newsletter. This reemergence of the paid newsletter refers to the mainstream of paid content.

Now Comes Paid Newsletters

Once again, the pendulum has swung full circle. Many of the worthless newsletter publishers have disappeared mainly due to a lack of substance and a mass exodus of subscribers.

The paid newsletter today offers paid content of substance.

Statistics show that people are hungry for substance. Blogs are a good example as the popularity of blogs consume the digital landscape like ants swarming up and down and all around Jack’s beanstalk.

People want information. This is the thrust behind the emergence of a willingness to pay for it. It’s the “there’s more gold” strategy. In other words, if a website or blog gives away real substance, people believe that the newsletter must have even better information. Voila! The re-emergence of paid content. Of course, even with this hot new trend, a paid newsletter won’t last long if it doesn’t deliver on its promise to publish valuable content.

Those jumping over to paid content can attest that people want knowledge. Help. Ideas. Even in a down economy, maybe moreso, people are willing to part with the fee to gain knowledge, insight, advice, opinions, know-how and guidance.

As people cling to their computers and iPads and mobile apps to read, see and listen to what’s new and what’s hot, paid newsletters that deliver on their promise are once again on top…

Types of information published for payment varies depending on the topic of interest. Sports. Electronics. Food. Model trains. Fiction books. Non-fiction book reviews. Movies. Celebrities. Cats. Dogs. Hunting. I suppose there are a million topics that people want to know more about.

Publishers who provide fresh, valuable information that answers what people want to know about — hear a thundering rush to sign up to receive the paid content that’s offered.

Not to ignore this current trend, we, too, recognize the change. This year, Home Business News is converting to a paid subscription. The news is tailored for the Home Business and focuses on current events and news briefs. We’ve published our newsletter for 17 years. Learn more about Home Business News here. If you’re interested in receiving current events and news briefs that concerns the work at home business, subscribe to Home Business News while it’s still free.

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