How does a home business startup persuade people to act? That’s the topic of this post. There are several ways, and this is one of the best. Here’s one of the best marketing methods to persuade people to act for the home business right now.

How to persuade people to actThis is a simple marketing method that I call, “There’s Always More Gold.” Have you heard of it?

It answers the question, “how to persuade people to act” so if you haven’t heard about it, read on…

Let’s begin with an example of those who persuade people to act with gusto. The movie industry has mastered the art of how to persuade people to act. Ever watch a movie preview, and then watch the movie? Many times the preview gives away all the best parts, doesn’t it? After you see the movie and the preview comes on TV, do you ever laugh and say, “Yeah, that’s about the whole movie.”

So, what does this have to do with how a struggling home business person can persuade people to act? Learn something from movie marketing. The movie industry is a mega-multi-billion-dollar business. One movie can bring in millions of dollars in a single day. So, a lot rides on persuading people to get in their car, buy some tickets and watch the show.

That’s where this “give ‘em some gold” technique on how to persuade people to act comes from. If you give away much of the gold to an audience, people naturally want to know more. You see, people always believe there’s more!

People believe that if a preview is so awesome… imagine how awesome the whole movie is? That’s the basic “There’s always more gold” strategy behind “how to get people to act.”

This is a powerful marketing strategy that produces big results — and not just for a home business startup.

Average marketers believe they have to hide their best information and force the reader to “buy” before he can learn “all that there is”, but these guys are missing a vital element of marketing, aren’t they?

When a savvy home business startup provides a content-rich teaser, it captures attention and gets people to sit up and take notice. You see… what people find out… leads them to want more of the same. The result?

The home business startup is no longer a struggling startup but a wealthy home business success story who only spends half a day in the office or even less.

Yes, today, things move quickly. People are busy and a lot occupies their mind and gets in their face. There are hundreds of distractions.

== Among these bothersome distractions are the hundreds of adverts on the street as people drive by, in airports, on buses and taxis, on all size signs, at home on TV, on the Internet and on cell phone apps, video games, in stores and a lot more.

Most of us are used to ignoring these distractions, at least until they become really intrusive.

This is why it is important to “disrupt” your readers as quickly as possible, so they pay attention to what you’re saying or selling. One slip up and the attention you carefully captured is gone.

How does the individual home business person, blogger, new marketer or anyone for that matter — disrupt the flow of someone’s attention in a way that leads them to take the action you want?

1. Time is of the essence.

Consider that studies show that if you exercise for just 30 minutes a day, you’ll be fit as can be. But how many people continue to overeat, exercise less and get fatter? One of the biggest excuses for not working out is, “I don’t have the time.”

This is one instance of why “time” is important. Anything you can learn about striking more compelling messages, quickly and clearly, can have a profound impact on the outcome you want.

In other words, it is important to “deliver the goods while you have their attention.”

== This means you offer some of your best information upfront in messages. Capture people with gold, because people always believe you have more to offer.

It’s not just the movie industry.

Often times, books do the same thing as the movies do. Books give away some of the gold nuggets of information right there on the book cover.

Publishers know that readers often look at the front of the book, the back of the book and the inside cover of the book.

Many advertisements for printed books often contain portions of the book right there for people to read. Check out Amazon. Many of the books advertised let you see and read key parts of the book. Take a quick look at this one about the psychology of persuasion for a good example of how book sellers give away the gold.

2. Get people excited.

If your “gold” is excellent, people naturally believe that the whole thing must be TREMENDOUS!

Of course, some people read your gold nuggets, and take no action, just like many watch movie trailers and decide not to go watch the movie. Don’t fret over these guys. Most of those probably would not have acted in a way you wanted anyway.

No one can convert everyone: It’s not possible. The key is to convert MORE than before. Even one percentage point higher in conversions can be staggering.

Imagine 5% higher conversions. I am not saying you will achieve that, but I have seen people who convert pretty well with terrible writing. Then, by adding in this “more gold” psychology, the results were amazing.

People always want more. When they find something interesting, entertaining and compelling, they want more. They want all of the information, all of the details and they want whatever it is that they think you are holding back from them. That’s the gold in this strategy.

Just like in the movies, a preview can give away the best parts and even completely give away what happens. Perhaps, the story is about a historical event where you already know the outcome. The titanic sinks…

We still tune in to watch the sequence of events and HOW the story unfolds. Therefore, you could give away the few nuggets of solid information, and still gain buyers left and right, because they want to connect the dots.

Think about this…

You write an ebook on how to cook healthy recipes for diabetics in 30 minutes…

On the sales letter, you tell people how to use spices in place of sugar. You give away some gold nuggets on how to do this, and then reveal, “there’s more…”

You explain that once they buy your ebook, they learn “how to find” fresh spices at wholesale prices or “how to grow” spices in the kitchen. You mention that they also discover “how to cook 27 diabetic recipes for an aging, live-in parent” or “how to entertain for two or twenty.”

You see, average marketers would not give anything away about “how to use spices in place of sugar” on their sales letter. They want to force people to buy their ebook if they want to learn “how to…”. They do not give away any of the gold…

These average marketers do not understand this method one bit. They don’t know how to persuade people to act. Their entire sales letter ends up being pure “sales” jargon without any content whatsoever. Guess what they’re sales amount to?

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