Here’s How to Improve Subscription Conversion Rates

Subscription conversion ratesThe Subscription Conversion Rates? Yes, this is one most sites want to grab with two hands. It’s simply calculated by dividing the number of subscriptions (subscribers) by the total number of visitors for that period and multiplying by 100. This gives the percentage of visitors that subscribed.

Example, if the total number of visitors in the month is 9000 and 300 visitors subscribed. Your conversion rate would be

300 / 9000 x 100 = 3.3 %

Getting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter depends on where the visitor had seen the offer to subscribe.

If you are promoting a subscription page, then your description must be enticing enough to lure surfers to visit your page. That is, for example… if they come from search engines, ads or a title/text/link reply link from this blog.

Most times people only give their email address when they are sure they will get some quality info from your newsletter. If they are already at your site, and it is a quality site… then you may need to apply a little persuasion to get them to subscribe.

How to Improve Subscription Conversion Rates

1. Make sure your privacy policy is clearly stated.

2. Highlight the benefits of your newsletter to the subscriber. State plainly the high points of your newsletter. Direct your visitor to a good issue in your archives.

3. Provide a valuable free gift. Example a free ebook or report that provides the potential subscriber with what they perceive as highly motivating information.

4. If you are providing a free ebook or report, tell the visitor what is special about your publication, because there are a thousand and one free ebooks and reports on the internet so why should yours be different.

For me, I usually get a high conversion rate from surfers seeing the articles I post at various article sites on the internet. They become interested when they see the information quality of the articles.

5. Change the position of your subscription form. From upper left to upper right. Then recalculate the conversion rate. Compare the result of the two positions. Try other positions until you get the position where conversion is highest. Location is everything when it comes to conversion rates.

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