Three Questions Every Home Business Must Answer

Happy customersSite Conversion makes you money. There’s no argument there. It is THE objective – before, during and after your home business web pages are optimized and your search engine marketing program is activated.

To take your site conversion numbers to the height of your moneymaking ability, each page must answer three little questions for every visitor:

1) What is the offer?
2) Who and why should I be interested?
3) What do I need to do?

What is my offer…

People spend a lot of time surfing the Web, doing research and collecting information. One of the biggest head-shakers you see is the ambiguity on site pages. “Just what in the world is this site selling?” is often the first question when someone visits a new site. You can bet that if the site owner doesn’t know, the visitors won’t know either – and they won’t stay on the site long enough to figure it out.

Does your site instantly answer these 3 questions? Make it clear at the top of each of your pages exactly what you are offering.

Who and why my visitors should be interested…

This is a great question. When you isolate the best audience for your offers, describe the type of person that your product or service best suits, and then understand why it benefits that person… then… you know how to write your copy.

Visitors who don’t fit the profile click away, but visitors who are potential contacts stay to learn more. Bonanza!

What do I want my visitors to do next…

The call to action is another missing link. So many times, web pages just don’t tell the visitor what to do next. Should they call you, send for more information, order now, click a link, subscribe here. If so, does the site provide a quick and easy path to take that action. Every offer must tell the visitor how to get started with whatever it is you want them to do. And it must do it visibly and in a way that is easy to understand.

These three little questions every home business must answer is a strategy. It’s not the only strategy to embrace, but it is the most obvious to include on every page of your home business website and blog.

In order to see higher conversions…

Take steps to insure the content on each of your site pages motivates your visitors to act in a way that favorably benefits them — and you gain a benefit, as well!

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