What Benefit is Print Collateral to Home Business

Tri-fold pocketfolderMost business people rely on print collateral everyday. But what is it and what’s the benefit?

Materials such as a printed brochure, flyer, post card, newsletter, even the letterhead are referred to as print collateral.

For the most part, it’s a term most advertising agencies use.

Print collateral refers to everything collateral to the brand. These pieces are a key element in marketing, specifically sales, lead generation and communications.

One of the questions most home business startups want to know is, “Why do I need print collateral?”

Print collateral is certainly not an archaic term — although, it’s not referred to much. But it is a good idea for every business to be familiar with the term so you know what it is.

Example of Print Collateral

One of the popular pieces under the print collateral umbrella is the tri-fold pocketfolder brochure. Not enough can be said about this multi-purpose marketing tool. The benefits are immeasurable, especially with the spin-off that we developed (shown above).

It’s called the tri-fold pocketfolder with business cards. The overall size is basically 8.5 x 11 inches, although that’s not its exact measurements. It’s a very manageable size. On completion, it folds down to approximately 3 5/8 x 8.5 inches. But this is where we went off the trail a bit.

With our design, the bottom includes two perforated pieces. One can be designed as a tear-off business card, and the other can be a second business card or a redeemable coupon or another buyer incentive. Sweet.

Of course, the pocket holds individual inserts. They can be interchangeable. So you can print 3 on one standard sheet, cut to size and place the appropriate insert inside the pocket as needed. Create a separate insert for each benefit. Load the pocket with several inserts or just one.

Along with the pocketfolder, we prepare 3-up “shells” so the client can over-print specific text on the shell page while still maintaining the professional and coordinating visual imagery with the pocketfolder.

This multi-purpose pocketfolder is printed on medium card stock so as not to be too costly to mail. The size allows for the insertion of the standard-size tri-fold brochure, as well as, the loose-leaf inserts.

Of course, this isn’t the only piece of print collateral you can choose. There is an obvious benefit for the home business startup, even a home business that is totally online only.

You want to communicate in as many ways as possible with the people who show interest and own your products and services.

You want to adapt both electronic means and print to set your business apart. This also establishes another connection, and often creates a bond that isn’t otherwise accomplished. Try it. Even one time. See the results for yourself.

This is one example of how powerful print collateral is. Every successful home business considers both electronic and print collateral materials for their marketing toolbox.

Incorporate print collateral into your sales and marketing efforts, because these materials support sales and the business brand.

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