albert-einsteinHere’s what Albert Einstein says about home business. There is a story told about Albert Einstein where he was teaching at Princeton University in the early 50s. He had just administered an exam to an advanced class of physics students and was on his way back to this office. His teaching assistant was walking with him, carrying the exam papers.

The teaching assistant asked, “Dr. Einstein, excuse me for asking, but wasn’t this the same exam that you gave to this same class last year?”

Dr. Einstein said, “Yes, yes. It was the same exam.”

The assistant then summoned his courage in the presence of the great man and asked, “Dr. Einstein, how could you give the same exam to the same class two years in a row?”

Einstein replied, “Simple. The answers have changed.”

The moral of this story is that today, the answers have changed in virtually every field and niche — including and especially for the home business enterprise.

Most know that because of the continuing explosion of information and technology, the answers are changing at a more rapid rate than ever before. The answers will be changing even faster in the months and years ahead.

One of the most important changes affecting your home business and your financial future is the shift from life long employment to life long employability.

The idea of working for a single employer, even in a single field, for your entire career is no longer valid.

The Answers Have Changed

Today, you work for yourself even as you go from job to job and company to company. Your loyalty is to your own skills and abilities. Put your skills and abilities to work at home for yourself… in your own home business. The answers have changed. It’s a new environment. The environment is ripe for the home business.

You are the architect of your own career and creator of your own economic future. At home. In your own hands. Using your own energy and talent to benefit others and your own family.

From now on, you must see yourself as self-employed, as the president of your own personal services business. You are the president of an entrepreneurial company called, “You, Inc.” Be the entrepreneur of you with your own home business. It’s time to stand up and show the world how brilliant YOU are.

Your “life” has one employee: YOU. You are responsible for selling one product in the marketplace: YOU. Your job and your responsibility throughout your working life, is to constantly work on increasing the quality and quantity of what YOU bring to the market — whether you work at home in your home business or work at a traditional job as an employee.

The top 3% of people see themselves as self-employed, no matter who signs their paycheck. They see themselves as the head of their own entrepreneurial self with themselves as the sole employee. These top 3% are constantly looking for ways to increase the value of themselves.

In this sense, every person is a capitalist, through and through. A capitalist is a person who has capital and who wants to not only preserve it, but to achieve the highest return on the investment of that capital: YOU. Your capital is human capital, your personal self. Times have changed. The answers have changed, and it is your duty to take advantage of these changes. In other words, find new solutions to achieve the highest return that you possibly can on this incredible asset: YOU.

Some people earn $25,000 a year. Some people earn $100,000 a year and more. And in most cases, the people earning vastly more are not vastly better than the people earning considerably less. They have just organized and reorganized themselves so as to get a much higher level of rewards for the investment of roughly the same amount of time. So can you.

As the president of your home business, you must adapt to changing times to get the highest level of reward on the investment of your time and energy for your home business.

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