What Makes a Site Popular

Make site popularWhen anyone puts words on the Internet, especially a home business who competes with bigger companies, it’s those words that make or break the popularity of the site. By popularity I mean how people like the site, and how search engines like the site. That’s the ultimate goal.

It’s important for a home business startup to win over visitors, as well earn a high page rank to attract those visitors in the first place. That’s where keywords come into play. However, today, even with the emphasis on keywords, web content plays an even bigger roles.

People want to quickly understand what it is you’re saying on the page. In other words, what does the site offers them in the way of benefits to make their life better? You want to write clear copy that’s organized in an easy to follow outline with easy to read words — without regard for how many keywords there are.

Search engines, on the other hand, want lots of keywords and long-tail keywords to understand what the site is about, evaluate the page, compare it to other pages with similar content and rank it for searchers.

This fact is probably the most important task any web copywriter and blogger must pay attention to, but especially the one-man operation who depends on the Internet for income.

There’s no doubt that Google, for one, constantly improves their processes to bring the right information to web searchers. That means content that offers Google’s customer — the web searcher — the information, answers and solutions that they want to find. In order to make this happen, as well as make Google the favorite search engine — Google analyzes the content in addition to keywords for page ranking. Poorly written content is lucky to be indexed at all.

It used to be true that professional copywriters focused on delivering keyword copy. Veteran bloggers published posts peppered with keywords. Some articles were reused after a spin rewrite, and many just didn’t make sense. This won’t work anymore.

Google and Google’s search bot friends are a lot more intuitive. Their algorithm can now recognize the difference between good content and the sentences and paragraphs that are not well written.

The outcome is better content for web searchers. If you’ve ever searched using the words “home business” and got back a list of pages full of home improvement, home tools, home remodeling… then you know how times have changed.

One of Google’s secrets is the evaluation of how much time a page is viewed. In other words, how long does a visitor stay on the page — reading it. When a visitor stays on a page for more than a minute, Google translates this as valuable content. Valuable content means good content, and that gets a higher ranking.

For the home business startup, it might be worthwhile to engage the services of a professional copywriter to review or write a few articles. Startups want to publish good copy, good messages, organized content, paragraphs of copy that hold visitor attention and helps their readers learn something. That’s what gives a new business the edge in this very competitive digital world. That’s how to pull in more web traffic while your search rankings skyrocket. That’s what makes a site popular.

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