There has been a sharp increase in e-commerce sales worldwide over the past few years. Analysts have even predicted that the sales in e-commerce will continue rising consistently till 2020. The number of individuals who have to access the e-commerce websites using their devices has also been rising rapidly. Likewise, there has been a steady increase in the number of sales which are driven by the engagement of customers and their mobile devices. There is, therefore, a need for each enterprise to make sure that its e-commerce website can help in keeping the users engaged by making to them to function like mobile applications.

The use of the mobile devices has played a key role in optimizing the e-commerce websites. These devices have allowed the users to make their payment through the popular mobile wallets. Businesses have also increased their revenue and conversion rates by keeping track of these emerging trends in e-commerce. The various trends in e-commerce have played a significant role in shaping the e-commerce sales. These are the major e-commerce trends which have helped in shaping up e-commerce business

Social selling

Statistics have shown that more people are spending time on the various social networking platforms. The time spent on these platforms cannot care with any other websites. This is the main reason why most businesses have decided to promote their services or products on these popular networks to attract more potential customers. These platforms have helped in diverting more visitors to the e-commerce websites.

Furthermore, there are some networking websites which will allow the users to purchase the different services and products without having to visit an e-commerce website. To improve on this, there are many social networks which are planning to include some additional features which will help in generating more revenue. The owners of the e-commerce websites are advised to take the advantage of the social selling platforms or options to promote their services and products. This can greatly help in boosting the sales of your business.

Artificial intelligence

This is one of the most popular mobile platforms. It is a platform which has allowed many people to conduct their day to day activities by taking to the different machines. This is done through Google’s assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apples Siri. There are some large companies such as Amazon which have started using this platform when chatting with its customers. It is a platform which allows the customers to interact with your businesses the smartest way. You can, therefore, reach more customers and interact with them without hiring additional staff.